Senco R&D offers customers a comprehensive range of test procedures. Many of these procedures are established in Norms (DIN Norms, Austrian Norms etc). Furthermore, many test procedures for raw materials, semi- and finished products are used, which are documented as part of the Management System and are in specification agreements with customers and suppliers and are an integral part of commercial contracts.

Test Description Norm
Tensile test DIN EN ISO 527-2
Bending test DIN EN ISO 178
Impact bending test on test specimens with hole or dual-V-notch DIN 53753
Determination of charpy impact strength DIN EN ISO 179
Determination of charpy notch impact strength DIN EN ISO 179 1eA
Instrumented penetration test DIN EN ISO 6603-2
Taber abrasion DIN ISO 9352
Micro snatch harness DIN EN 438-2
Cross cut test on surfaces ISO 2409
Test Description Norm
Colour measurement using a variety of methods/standards
QUV - determination testing (Accelerated Weathering of Solvent-Release-Type Sealants - QUV) using a variety of methods/standards
XENON weathering tests DIN EN ISO 4892-2
Florida weathering tests according to demand
Gloss level test DIN 67530
Long wave / short wave measurement  
Transmission measurement  
Layer thickness measurement  
Layer thickness verification  
Microscopic examination of reflexion and transmission  
Roughness measurement DIN 4777
Contact angular measurement (surface tension) DIN 55660
Test Description Norm
Behaviour at chemical resistance DIN 68861-1
Behaviour at chemical resistance of surfaces using a variety of methods/standards
Environmental stress cracking resistance DIN EN ISO 4599
Moisture content of granulates and solids ISO 15512:2019
Density test DIN EN ISO 1183
Resistance to hot water DIN EN 198/A-3-prEN 14516
FTIR-Analysis (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy)  
Test Description Norm
Melt Index Testing - MFR (Melt Flow Rating) DIN EN ISO 1133-A
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) testing DIN EN ISO 11357-1
Heat deflection temperature testing DIN EN ISO 75-1
VICAT Softening temperature testing DIN EN ISO 306
Heat distortion testing using a variety of methods/standards
Controlled temperature testing using a variety of methods/standards
Rheological examinations with high pressure capillary rheometers  
Shrinkage test Senoplast internal standard